Our services

From consulting to assessment and support, our comprehensive services can help you in optimising your wellbeing .

Child Development Concerns

Paediatric concerns of behavior, cognition, emotion and functional domains such as Attention deficit and Hyperactivity, Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental and intelligence concerns.

Mood Concerns

It encompasses features of depression, bipolar, mania, seasonal affective disorder, emotional dysregulation disorders with comorbidities with varied kind of health conditions such as skin conditions, PCOS etc.

Anxiety & Stress

Our focus in the neurotic spectrum umbrellas anxiety, panic, obsessive compulsive disorder, adjustment concerns, stress management as well as somatoform disorder.

Phobia & Fear

Fear involves feelings of apprehension, distress marked with changes in heart rate, breathing which can significantly impact the daily life. Unattended or unmanageable fears can take forms of phobia such as agoraphobia, social and specific phobia.

Parental Guidance

We help in adapting your approach based on your child's needs and development.The centre provides services for parental guidance on aspects such as attachment, child rearing and parental relationship.

Relationship Concerns

A professional perspective can help in providing valuable insights and guidance in resolving conflicts and strengthening the bond between individuals. We can provide guidance, tools, and a neutral perspective to help navigate the challenges and work toward healthier relationship dynamics.


Addiction to substances, gaming and internet can be a challenging journey, but with professional help, support, and a commitment to recovery, individuals can overcome addiction and lead fulfilling lives.


Individuals with personality concerns can be helped through tools of dialectical behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy as well as cognitive behavioural therapy.


The professional can help individuals with schizophrenia to develop insight, symptomatic management, improving coping mechanisms, medical adherence and activities of daily life.

Sleep Issues

At the centre, a range of general and sleepā€specific psychological, behavioral, physiological and cognitive tests are used to assess and diagnose sleep and related disorders. Thereafter, the professional helps in establishing healthy sleep hygiene, dealing with extraneous factors and relaxation.


Trauma therapy focuses on education, stress management techniques, and helping the person to confront feared situations and distressing memories. Through evidence-based techniques we improve emotional coping, re-establish safety and optimise social support.


We aim to engage individuals with dementia in activities that provide cognitive stimulation to help maintain cognitive function and improve quality of life.