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Who Am I

Founder at Encode Mental Health Clinic, I visioned a space focused on catering to individuals with mental health concerns. The centre specializes in providing acessible and comprehensive services, including assessment, diagnosis, treatment, therapy, and support for individuals of all ages. At Encode Mental Health Clinic, the safe and non-judgemental environment provides them support, treatment assistance and accessibility to resources.

a woman in a black dress and a white shirt
a woman in a black dress and a white shirt
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Our Approach

At Encode Mental Health Clinic, we believe in a client-centered approach to mental health care. With personalised therapy plans, we focus on the growth of our clients. We engage with various therapy approaches to ensure the clients preferences and needs are catered.

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Encode Mental Health Clinic provides detailed evaluation through assessment tools, assistance in diagnostics and working collaboratively with clients for intervention. Furthermore, we provide workshops, educational programs, and outreach initiatives to raise awareness about mental health, promote stress reduction techniques, enhance resilience, and foster emotional well-being in individuals and communities.

About Us

At Encode Mental Health Clinic, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality mental health care. Our team of experts are dedicated to helping each client achieve optimal mental health and well-being through a personalized and collaborative approach.

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